ARF Attribution Accelerator 2023 - Best Presentations

ARF Attribution Accelerator 2023 – Best Presentations

The ARF Attribution Accelerator is a highly anticipated annual event that brings together marketing and advertising experts to share their insights and best practices for attribution and measurement. The 2023 event was no exception, featuring a lineup of top-notch presentations that explored the latest trends and innovations in the field.  Take a closer look at the best presentations from the ARF Attribution Accelerator 2023, highlighting key takeaways and providing insights into the future of attribution and measurement in marketing. From advanced measurement techniques to cutting-edge technologies, the presentations at this year’s event offered a wealth of knowledge for marketing professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve in their field.

What is ARF Attribution Accelerator 2023?

The ARF Attribution Accelerator 2023, which will take place on November 14, 2023 in New York, is a game-changing tool that aims to solve the conundrum of attribution analytics. It takes you on a thorough trip through the complexities of consumer interaction, shedding light on the hidden linkages between touchpoints in the customer experience. This interactive experience claims to demystify the complexity of attribution modeling, allowing organizations to decipher the network of effects that drive customer decisions.

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ARF Attribution Accelerator 2023 - Best Presentations

The ARF Attribution Accelerator 2023 is a cutting-edge event that promises to untangle the complexity of attribution analytics, providing a deeper understanding of consumer behavior and unlocking the possibility for sharper marketing strategies. The ARF Attribution Accelerator 2023 is set to equip enterprises with the tools they need to survive in a data-rich future, with a pulse on the industry’s greatest innovations.

Who Should Attend?

The ARF Attribution Accelerator 2023 is for marketing professionals, data analysts, and company leaders seeking a competitive edge in their industries. Whether you are a seasoned marketer navigating the complexities of omnichannel engagement or a data enthusiast seeking consumer insights, this event provides a transformative opportunity to broaden your skill set. The Accelerator caters to a wide range of audiences, from established corporations looking to fine-tune their strategies to startups looking for game-changing innovations.

2023 Most Anticipated Presentations

The Provalytics team looks forward to the following presentations:

  • Have we finally closed the loop – linking marketing performance measurement to marketing activation
  • Beyond media optimization – what are models teaching us about maximizing the entire marketing mix and the entire consumer experience?
    Portfolio management
    Competitive analysis and strategy
  • Maximizing the business impact of marketing analytics through the human channel
    Organizational structure, communication and decision making in a data driven firm
    Change management
    Are entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship in conflict with modeling?

The ARF Attribution Accelerator 2023 exemplifies the never-ending pursuit of knowledge and the ever-changing landscape of data-driven marketing. This event beckons as a guiding light to navigate the complicated maze of attribution analytics in an era where consumers want tailored experiences and insights drive success. As guests gather to explore the frontiers of marketing intelligence, the stage is set for a meeting of minds that will forge new paths and reshape the future of company strategy.

ARF Attribution Accelerator – 2022

The 2022 ARF Attribution & Analytics Accelerator, programmed by Jim Spaeth and Alice K. Sylvester from Sequent Partners is the only event focused exclusively on attribution, marketing mix models, in-market testing, and the science of marketing performance measurement.

Experts led discussions to answer some of the industry’s most pressing questions and shared new innovations that can bring growth to your organization.

Todd Kirk, Co-Founder of Provalytics and Founder of Middlegame presented with Sameer Kothari, Global Media Measurement and Real Time Optimization Director at PepsiCo on Harnessing the Full Potential of Marketing Mix Models: How Attention, Creative and Audience Personalization can Drive ROI.

Their presentation focused on how PepsiCo reinvented the use of marketing mix modeling and developed a proprietary system called the “ROI Engine” which measures the ROI of full funnel marketing campaigns and informs annual plans with its channel level predictive engine.  Working with Todd and Middlegame, PepsiCo developed a leading indicator system to predict the ROI outcomes of digital campaigns based on attention, creative, and audience mix.

As the Lead Architect of the Provalytics AIM platform, Todd Kirk has again demonstrated the flexibility of Bayesian Seemingly Unrelated Regressions (BSUR) to drive business results for complicated, disconnected consumer journeys.

Besides the presentation from our Co-Founder, here are 3 presentations which blew us away:

  • How to Cut Waste and Fuel Growth with Incrementality-Based Attribution
    Calculating the incremental contribution of paid media to business outcomes can finally tell marketers which half of their advertising is being wasted. This session will discuss the importance of measuring contribution vs. attribution and illustrate the concept of incrementality. Be privy to several real-life examples, showing how incrementality testing informs cross-channel media strategy and drives better business outcomes.
    Ian Yung — Vice President of Growth, Tonal
    Trevor Testwuide — CEO, Measured
  • Audi Switzerland Integrates Attention Metrics & AI into Programmatic Bidding to Drive Business Outcomes
    Audi Switzerland partnered with Adelaide to explore whether AI and ML-based solutions can augment – and potentially replace – existing programmatic algorithms by valuing media more accurately. The teams built an AI-powered custom bidding algorithm informed by Adelaide’s AU metric and tested its impact on lower-funnel outcomes compared to standard bidding tactics.
    Learn about the results of our work, explore the value of artificial intelligence and machine learning especially in programmatic media buying, and unpack how Audi Switzerland is building a global strategy around deploying attention metrics.
    Karl Sjulsen — Director, Product & Client Success, Adelaide
    Zach Kubin — Vice President of Sales & Partnerships, Adelaide
    Filip Pujic — Teamleader Digital Marketing, Audi Switzerland
  • Leveraging Look Alike Models when A/B Testing isn’t an Option
    It isn’t always possible to perform A/B tests when it comes to evaluating the impact of paid media campaigns. Microsoft developed a strategy which matches campaign exposure data with a customer database and then creates “look-alikes“ for non-exposed customers to make audiences as comparable as possible. Lifts in perceptions, behaviors and revenue can then be compared (in aggregate) amongst exposed customers and their non-exposed look-alikes to determine the effectiveness of a campaign.
    Caroline Iurillo — Senior Data Scientist, Microsoft
    Megan Lau — Director, Microsoft

The ARF Attribution Analytics Accelerator 2023 is a premier event dedicated to exploring the intricate world of attribution analytics within the context of modern marketing. This event offers a platform for industry professionals, marketers, data analysts, and business leaders to dive deep into the complexities of consumer behavior, data interpretation, and attribution modeling.

The ARF Attribution Analytics Accelerator 2023 will be presented November 14, at DotdashMeredith, 398 South End Avenue, New York, NY, 10281.

This event is designed for a diverse audience, including marketing professionals, data analysts, brand strategists, business leaders, and anyone interested in harnessing the power of attribution analytics to drive more effective marketing campaigns and make data-informed decisions.

Attendees can expect a rich and immersive experience featuring keynote speakers, interactive workshops, panel discussions, and presentations from industry experts. The event will cover a wide range of topics related to attribution analytics, including cross-channel modeling, data storytelling, emerging technologies, ethical considerations, and more.

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