Digiday Digital Media Buying Summit

Digiday Media Buying Summit – Top Presentations

The Digiday Media Buying Summit, an event poised to offer valuable insights and opportunities for industry leaders, is essential to success in today’s fast-paced digital media landscape.

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What is the Digiday Media Buying Summit?

The Digiday Media Buying Summit is a premier event that brings together media buying professionals and digital advertising experts from around the world. The summit is designed to offer attendees the latest insights and strategies for success in media buying, including trends, technologies, and best practices. This year’s event in New Orleans promises to be one of the most exciting yet, with a lineup of top industry speakers and opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Who should attend?

The Digiday Media Buying Summit is a must-attend event for media buying professionals, digital marketers, and anyone interested in the latest trends and strategies in digital advertising. This event offers insightful information and opportunities to network with other professionals and remains on top of the latest trends, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just getting started in the business.

Digiday Digital Media Buying Summit

Most Anticipated Presentations

Here are more detailed descriptions of some of the most highly anticipated presentations at the Digiday Media Buying Summit:

  • Opportunity in Crisis: Shaking up Traditional Media Structures for Transformative Growth
    Traditional approaches to media buying and measurement don’t work in today’s landscape transformed by digital. As marketers navigate an ever-shifting world, they grapple with the need for transparency, data signal loss, and a need for a closer and redefined relationship with procurement. It’s time for the media industry to stop getting in its own way — and reimagine what an ROI-focused media partner looks like. In this session, Media.Monks’ global head of media, Melissa Wisehart will shed light on barriers to transformation and how to forge ahead with a new playbook for growth.
    Speaker:  Melissa Wisehart, Global Head of Media, Media.Monks
  • Why Advertisers Are Still Making Space for Experimental Budgets Even With Economic Uncertainty
    Even in the midst of economic uncertainty, advertisers are bullish on experimental ad spend. While ad spend across the board is reducing, agencies are advising clients to maintain their budgets to test and learn in channels that are newer, like TikTok, or new to them, like digital video and streaming audio. In this session, hear from Fitzco’s head of media, Claire Russell on why that is the case and what there is to gain by doing so.
    Speaker: Claire Russell, Head of Media, Fitzco
  • Fluctuating Media Buying Budgets in 2023
    Media buyers’ spending flexibility in 2023 is being impacted by several factors, including a rapidly changing technological landscape, increased competition, and shifting consumer behavior. The rise of new platforms and technologies has made it more difficult for media buyers to predict which channels will be most effective for reaching target audiences, leading to a greater need for flexibility in their spending. Additionally, the ongoing economic recession has resulted in decreased budgets and greater pressure to maximize the return on investment for each advertising dollar spent. As a result, media buyers are seeking more flexible and adaptive approaches to their spending in order to stay ahead in an ever-evolving media landscape. In this session, hear Shelby Saville, Chief Investment Officer of Publicis Media Exchange comment on the state of the industry and share advice on how media buyers could achieve a high return on investment.
    Speaker: Shelby Saville, Chief Investment Officer, Publicis Media Exchange
  • Maximizing Your Advertising ROI
    Led by marketing and advertising veteran, John Lee, this session will focus on strategies for maximizing return on investment in digital advertising. Attendees will gain insights on metrics, analytics, and targeting strategies, as well as practical tips for optimizing campaigns and improving ROI.

The Digiday Media Buying Summit is set to be an exciting and informative event with a diverse range of presentations and panel discussions centered around the latest trends and best practices in media buying and digital advertising. Attendees can anticipate acquiring valuable insights, networking with other industry professionals, and keeping up with the rapidly evolving landscape.


The Digiday Media Buying Summit is an annual conference that brings together media buying professionals, agencies, publishers, and vendors to discuss the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the media buying industry.

The summit is designed for media buying professionals, digital advertisers, and anyone interested in the latest trends, strategies, and technologies in media buying.

The summit will cover a wide range of topics, including programmatic advertising, influencer marketing, diversity and inclusion in media buying, and the impact of emerging technologies on media buying.

The event will be held in New Orleans at the Ritz Carlton.