Cookieless Attribution for Marketers, Jeff Greenfield, CEO of Provalytics

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape where cookies are becoming a thing of the past, marketers face unprecedented challenges in accurately attributing conversions to their marketing efforts. To delve into this complex topic, Tye DeGrange hosts Jeff Greenfield, the CEO of Provalytics, in the latest episode of “Always be Testing.” Greenfield shares his expertise on how marketers can adapt to the cookieless future and achieve effective attribution in an ever-changing digital environment.  

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Understanding the Challenges 

Greenfield highlighted the disconnect that many marketers face between their aspirations for creative marketing endeavors and the reality of spending significant time on data analysis and spreadsheets. He emphasized the need for marketers to spend more time on creativity and less time on number crunching. This forms the cornerstone of Provalytics’ mission – to empower marketers to focus on creativity while leveraging technology to handle the analytical heavy lifting. 


The Provalytics Approach 

Greenfield provided an overview of how Provalytics works with clients to bridge the gap between traditional marketing mix modeling (MMM) and multi-touch attribution (MTA). He stressed the importance of understanding the client’s decision-making hierarchy and key performance indicators (KPIs) to deliver actionable insights. By combining machine learning and AI techniques, Provalytics offers a holistic platform that enables marketers to optimize their spending across various channels effectively. 


The Future of Attribution 

Looking ahead, Greenfield discussed the evolution of attribution methodologies, particularly in the context of privacy changes and the demise of cookies. He highlighted the rise of rapid MMM as a viable alternative that doesn’t rely on cookies or personally identifiable information (PII). Additionally, he envisioned a future where attribution encompasses not just marketing expenditures but also actions on websites, providing a comprehensive view of campaign effectiveness and user behavior. 


Identifying Marketing Sophistication 

Greenfield identified a threshold of marketing expenditure (typically above $5 to $8 million annually) as an indicator of a brand’s readiness for Provalytics’ services. He emphasized the importance of diversifying marketing channels beyond platforms like Google, particularly for brands looking to expand their reach and optimize spending. 


Lessons from Experience 

Reflecting on his career journey, Greenfield shared valuable insights gained from various professional experiences. He highlighted the importance of taking action and problem-solving, underscoring his preference for hands-on involvement over endless meetings. Drawing from his background as a professional magician, he emphasized a common thread of stress reduction in all his endeavors, including his current role at Provalytics. 


Recommendations and Resources 

Greenfield recommended “Lemon” by Orlando Wood as a must-read for marketers seeking deeper insights into the shifting landscape of advertising. He also highlighted the importance of continuous learning and offered a no-cost attribution certification course through Provalytics’ website. 

As marketers navigate the challenges of cookieless attribution and evolving advertising technologies, insights from industry leaders like Jeff Greenfield provide invaluable guidance. By embracing creativity, leveraging technology, and prioritizing actionable insights, marketers can thrive in this dynamic environment and drive meaningful results for their brands. 

With the era of cookieless attribution upon us, staying informed and adaptable is key to success in the ever-evolving world of marketing. 


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