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The Cookie Collapse: How Are Savvy Marketers Adjusting?

The “cookie apocalypse” will mean the end of an era for digital marketing as we know it. We’ll discuss with digital analytics expert & CEO of Provalytics Jeff Greenfield how savvy marketers are adjusting and what strategies and marketing technologies these organizations are implementing right now to thrive in the new normal.   Hugh Macken: And good […]

Adobe uses AI to speed up marketing mix modeling

“Adobe’s new tool likely will appeal to existing Adobe analytics users, but it’s not the only way to overcome the privacy restrictions hampering MTA or the speed and cost issues that long have hampered MMM, said Jeff Greenfield, a pioneer in MTA who now is CEO of Provalytics. His company takes an alternate approach, combining […]

Why Radio Needs To Invest In Data

Radioinfo’s Wayne Stamm spoke to Jeff Greenfield at the NAB Show in Las Vegas who tells radio “It’s time for us to put on our big boy pants, radio has to grow up…”. “Radio’s reach, especially during the day, is becoming more attractive for advertising. If radio want to be around decades from now, they […]

Provalytics CEO Interview on Bloomberg Technology

Shery Ahn Great record sales for Alibaba and yet investors don’t seem to be impressed. The stock actually fell and Baird now saying that sales saw a meaningful deceleration from 2018 levels. What’s your take? Jeff Greenfield It’s definitely a deceleration compared to previous years, but the key is that if you look at the […]

What is the impact of losing 3rd party cookies on MTA?

Google’s announcement about the removal of 3rd-party cookies initially sent shockwaves through the advertising world and Wall Street.  Is this an Attribution Apocalypse or a necessary cleanse to the advertising ecosystem? The changes and potential impact was the topic of an industry conference call held with Shyam Patil, Internet Analyst, at Susquehanna Securities and Provalytics CEO, Jeff Greenfield. […]