Adjusting to the Collapse of Cookies with Jeff Greenfield

In this episode of “Ecommerce Secrets to Scale,” Tanner welcomes our CEO, Jeff Greenfield to discuss the impending collapse of third-party cookies and its impact on marketers. Jeff brings a wealth of experience in marketing effectiveness and data analytics, offering unique insights into how businesses can adapt to this changing landscape.

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Introduction to the Cookie Collapse

Jeff starts by highlighting the imminent obsolescence of third-party cookies, emphasizing the need for marketers to prepare for this change. He explains the difference between first-party and third-party cookies, noting how third-party cookies have been instrumental in tracking user behavior and targeting ads across the web.

Jeff’s Background: From Magician to Data Analyst

Jeff Greenfield, CEO of Provalytics, focuses on marketing effectiveness, determining what’s working and what’s not, and what actions to take. He started his career as a magician, using magic to pay his way through college and grad school. Later, he became a chiropractor but had to leave due to a car accident. Jeff then returned to magic, touring colleges, and ventured into digital marketing during the birth of the internet. He founded C3 Metrics, a leading multi-touch attribution player, and eventually returned to data with Provalytics.

The Impact of the Cookie Collapse on Ecommerce Marketing

Cookies, especially third-party cookies, have been crucial for digital advertising, allowing advertisers to track user behavior and target ads effectively. However, Safari and now Chrome are phasing out third-party cookies, impacting ad targeting and personalization. This shift, along with privacy regulations and the rise of new advertising channels like podcasts and CTV, challenges marketers to rethink their strategies.

Adapting Targeting and Personalization Strategies

In light of these changes, Jeff advises marketers to reevaluate their strategies and consider alternative approaches. He emphasizes the importance of “panning back the camera” to get a broader view of marketing effectiveness, rather than focusing solely on user-level data. Marketers need to explore new avenues such as podcast advertising, CTV, direct mail, and out-of-home advertising, which offer unique challenges but also opportunities for building brand awareness.

As the marketing landscape evolves, marketers must be willing to adapt and embrace new strategies. The collapse of third-party cookies presents challenges, but also opens doors to more holistic and creative marketing approaches. By understanding these changes and being open to new ideas, businesses can thrive in a cookieless future.

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